Monday, January 11, 2010


Back in the city again this morning. Back in my tiny, ferociously over-heated apartment. Back to sweating profusely during my practice. Love it!

I did my 90 minute full Primary this morning and made a special effort to milk the three Urdhva Dhanurasana for all their juicy goodness. Ug. I hate backbending. I’ve been struggling with it lately, but I held my backbends for longer than usual today and didn’t skip any.

It’s requires a healthy dollop of self-discipline. I’m already on the floor, on my back, chilling out. Pushing into those backbends feels like a punishment.

In other news, I watched Yoga Inc. today. You can find it online, gratis. Very interesting documentary. I read the book and this film covers much of the same ground, but it’s good fun.

If nothing else, you get to watch Bikram Chodhury prance around in his speedo and celebrate himself. And Yoga Competitions! And David Life being all defensive! And Cyndi Cyndi Lee.

For some reason, I’m getting shadows of the Borg from the whole Yoga Works thing. Alan Finger looked liked he was trying WAY too hard to keep that serene smile on his face during the interview. He was almost puppet-like in his responses.

Hive Mind, anyone?

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