Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today: Practice Interruptus.

During meditation this morning, I noted that I was actually *looking forward* to my practice. I was looking forward to an entire hour-and-a-bit of uninterrupted ‘me time’. I put the kettle on so I could enjoy a pot of chai as I moved through the Primary Series. I carefully laid out my mat. I started the sun salutations joyfully.

I got as far as Kurmasana when the phone rang. I needed to take that call and resigned myself to a half-hour away from my mat. When I finally got back to it, my body was cold again. Even three sun salutations couldn’t help me bind in Supta Kurmasana. I just did my best and moved on.

And that’s when the fire alarm went off. I rolled my eyes and kept practising. I mean, SERIOUSLY?!

I hoped it was a false alarm. It wasn’t. With a deep *sigh*, I got dressed, called to Princess Fur and we headed down a kazillion stairs to the lobby. It was was the real thing, with fireman and everything. Princess Fur and I went to the park for a walk, because what else can you do?

Two hours after I started my first Surya Namaskara A, I stepped back on the mat to continue my practice. By this point, I just wanted to finish it and I did. It wasn’t my best practice, just my most determined one.


Jen Stevenson said...

Good for you! I probably would have just quit after the phone call.

Do you drink fluids during your practice?

Kaivalya said...

I have a bad habit: I sip tea during my practice. Sometimes green tea, but most often, Chai. I do it less for hydration than for pure enjoyment. When practising in a studio or shala, I don't drink anything.