Friday, January 1, 2010


Welcome to the shiny, sparkly new decade and yet another instalment of WoYoPracMo.

We went to a party for New Years. I brought a fruit plate because I couldn’t bear the thought of baking *another* batch of cookies. I’m sick of holiday food. Apparently, everyone at the party shared my angst: there was a feeding frenzy on the fruit plate. Especially the fresh mango. Grapes trump cheese plate, hurrah!

I didn’t sleep well. I’ll blame the two glasses of wine I drank. I have no tolerance for it - I was even a bit hung over in the morning. The girlfriend and I went to the Café for our traditional New Years Day brunch and I went home to practice yoga afterward.

Full Primary Series on a full stomach! Banana Pancakes, a mild hangover and an hour-and-a-half yoga practice do not play happily together in the sandbox. I felt slightly nauseous but I solidiered through it. At least I have a good excuse for not binding in Supta K: my big Buddha belly!

I’m actually sore from practising Primary yesterday, the arms and the hamstrings mostly, but also a bit of abs. I’m sure I’ll be feeling it everywhere in a few days. I’ve decided to do a daily Primary Series for WoYoPraMo. I’ve done it before, two years ago, so I know it’s do-able.

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Michelle said...

So and hour and a half yoga every day plus your teaching? Good bye Buddha belly.(assuming you have one, which I am sure you do not)Happy New Year to you Kai.