Thursday, January 14, 2010


I planned my entire day around the Return of the Nap.

I skated, walked the dog, practised my guitar and answered email in the morning. I made lunch as soon as I got home from my noon class. Now, I have some free time~

I’ll try to sleep for about a half-hour this afternoon. I want to see what it does for my energy levels, which have been so low on these long teaching days. My mid-week is just brutal, with at least 4 classes a day, plus my own 90 minute practice plus all of that commuting.

I meditated after my 6:30 wake-up (which was really 7 a.m. because I was feeling lazy), then stepped on the mat for sun salutations. Pre-salutations, I almost never feel good. I’m usually stiff and cranky and weary.

My full Primary this morning was lovely. I lit a candle today and watched the sky lighten and the sun rise as I moved through the postures.

It’s almost magical to observe my body as it warms up. First, the forward bends become easier and I feel less ‘heavy’ during the Chaturangas. Downward Facing Dog starts to feel lighter and my heels melt to the floor.

I felt very focused once again. I’m convinced that, for at least this moment in time, the meditation is helping me bring better focus to my asana practice. It’s a wonderful discovery and a very welcome one, seeing as the month is only half over. I can use all of the help I can get.

The three backbends were more of a mental struggle than a physical one today. But at least I did them.

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