Sunday, January 10, 2010


I practised at the house this morning. It’s always easy to get up early at the house because I never sleep well away from home.

But oh, oh, oh, it’s cold and drafty in that house. Despite the space heater on full blast, I couldn’t build up a good internal fire. I didn’t even need to wet my arms for Garba Pindasana because they slid right through my legs on smooth, non-sticky skin. Because I wasn’t sweating.

I hate that.

All the same, I had a good practice and I’m glad I showed up on my mat. It was 90 minutes of joy on a lazy Sunday morning. Can’t beat that. :-D

And now, it’s time for this week’s instalment of The Internet Asks...featuring the latest search terms from my access stats (overall access numbers are going down, oddly enough. Am I getting dull?):

astanga why saturday rest day
The most common explanation is that Guruji wanted a day to spend with family and decreed Saturday the official rest day to accommodate this. I’m well into my 13th month of continuous daily practice and though I can definitely see the benefits of this approach, I’m looking forward to February when I’ll be adding a day of rest to my weekly yoga round.

space heater astanga
FTW. Especially in cold winter climes. Especially in chilly, drafty old houses.

astangi trails
We leave trails?! *furtively glances around*


Jen Stevenson said...

I'm still on here daily Kai! Little ol me down here in Southern Texas cheering you on during your month devoted to your Ashtanga practice.

I get much inspiration from your daily posts. Keep going girl. Just a few more weeks to go!!

Michelle said...

You always make me laugh with your inserted commentary.