Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Up early this morning! It wasn’t a happy, spontaneous awakening, but having a full schedule ahead made getting out of bed far easier. I practiced the Primary Series from 7-8:30. My balance was off (Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana felt impossible) and I was very stiff, but the 90 minutes flew by.

I skipped Janu Sirsasana C, as usual. Setu Bandhasana is coming along.

I’ve been feeling unstable in Sirsasana so I’ve taken it back to the wall this week to give myself something to ‘fall back’ on while I troubleshoot. I’ve been playing around with my alignment and centre of balance and feeling more stable as a result.

I’m not actually *using* the wall, but knowing it’s there gives me the confidence to try new ways of being in the pose. Nothing drastic, just a slight shift in the alignment of my legs introduces more ease and lightness. I’ll move away from the wall in a few days.

I’m in the midst of a busy teaching day, so alternating between doing a lot and doing absolutely nothing. It’s great to be back to my regularly scheduled programming! It feels comfy, in an exhausting sort of way.


Flo said...

Great job getting out of bed for practice.
I've been craving for some tomorrow I am bring my butt to the mat for a nice sweaty Primary series pracitce.
I've noticed i've lost a lot of energy lately (not sure if it is from changing my practice??)
I need a raja/tapa practice to ignite that fire again.
Plus I've gained a good bit of weight the last month so ashtanga will be key in getting my butt in gear!!

Kaivalya said...

It's the time of year for low energy. The other day, the sun actually came out and I felt giddy about it, even though it was shockingly cold out.