Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I played a late ice hockey game last night. I didn’t have any spectacular moments in this game, but it was very fast and rough. We played the undefeated team (Or, I should say, the formerly undefeated team, since we defeated them *grin*).

Their players were like TANKS. I tangled with one of them behind the net and I heard a teammate yell: “Just hold her there“ Like this one might do less damage tangled in my legs than in front of the net. I was a doorstop! I made a really terrific pass that almost, ALMOST went in the net (but didn’t').

Final score: We won, 4-1. But the entire time, it felt like we were LOSING because the other team was so aggressive and we were working so hard.

I was SO tired. Evening mediation was a sleepy affair and I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Morning meditation was also a sleepy affair. I was actually drifting off as I sat. I managed to rally in the second 10 minutes of the session, but I was falling asleep again toward the end. Argh.

Practice was very, very sluggish. I did Morning Flow #1, 30 minutes with Dawnelle. YogaDownload did a good job of paring the longer sequence down to 30 minutes. There was only one awkward splice - between the two sides of Flipped Dog (which transitioned so quickly, I was totally thrown off). This sequence has many backbends, which woke me up a bit.

Still feeling tired (and now with a headache), I walked the dog, finished up the last few things I absolutely *needed* to get done and I laid down for a nap. Good move! I slept for over an hour-and-a-half and felt much better for it.

The lesson from this morning: I need to be more careful to get adequate sleep. I really do need a full 8 hours every night. With adding an evening meditation practice and sticking to an early schedule, I've been skimping on sleep. My body just sent me a memo. Now I know!

In other news, I received an exciting package in the mail this morning. My new portable Zafu arrived! (No, I didn't get a Prapatti, though I've sent an inquiry to that company asking for information. More on this soon). I'm going to try the Mobile Meditator out during my evening meditation tonight.


Michelle said...

Here is your mother nagging comment. Are you eating enough calories to sustain your active lifestyle?
Just because I care. Mom. Not your mom but a mom. Heehee

Kaivalya said...

Yes, I'm eating more than enough calories (it's my Lady's remember? *grin* That's when I go to town on the COOKIES). But, of course, I'm mindful to eat a healthy balanced diet, always, always.

This was definitely a not-enough-sleep issue. As soon as I caught up on sleep, I was fine. Interesting that this was so obviously apparent because of my meditation practice.

Makes me wonder how often I've been sleep-deprived and didn't really notice it because of the pace of my life.