Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This morning, I did the Heart Opening Flow #1 with Jackie (YogaDownload). I liked this sequence better this time than I did the last time I tried it (45 minute version). I wonder if part of it is just becoming accustomed to the style of the flows and the various poses used on YogaDownload (I find that there is definitely a consistency in transitions and the poses even between instructors).

I had a pretty good Thanksgiving. Yesterday was the 'non-traditional' celebration. I met up with the girlfriend for supper at our favourite sushi place. Afterward, we were browsing a bookstore a few doors down when the power went off. The corner café had candles out when we arrived for dessert. I had a big slice of Chocolate Explosion cake. First time I've had my favourite cake in months and it wasn't as good as I remembered. Hm. Maybe my tastes are changing? It was too sweet...

Real Thanksgiving was on Saturday night and it was marvelous, with great food, fun with friends, lots of knitting (yes, I had to be 'that girl', the one who brings her knitting to the party) and Wii.

I've played around with Wii once before and I've even played the drum set in Rock Band. But I had never tried Wii Yoga. I have to admit, I was really curious. My friend J set it up for me. It had been so long since he used Wii Fit, he had to reinitialize the platform. When he started the programme, it chided him gently: “It's been 118 days since you logged in.” It also noted that he weighed more than he had the last time he logged on. FAIL! Ha, ha!

Wii Yoga? It's stupid. It's all about balancing on a platform so that the little dot stays in the yellow circle. In order to do this, it's necessary to do the posture *wrong*. After I tried Vriksasana (Tree Pose) and rated a big fat Zero (Yoga Amateur!), J shooed me off the platform and demonstrated. He could keep the dot in the circle, but his body was contorted like Astavakra. Geez! What a waste of time.

Wii Yoga is coming out soon and Yoga Dork reviews it here. I won't be buying it.

The other games were better. The platform thingie is fun for other stuff. And I totally rock at Wii bowling. Especially when I do it sitting on the couch and don't bother to put down my knitting. This is when I had my best luck with the game. I'm an awesome couch knitting bowler! I beat everyone except J!

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susananda said...

I failed wii yoga too! Stupid.