Monday, October 19, 2009


I skipped out on Beryl today. Aw, sorry Beryl!

I overslept and had a time-crunch situation this morning. Rather than stress myself out trying to fit a long practice into a short morning, I opted for a short practice. And I'll do my meditation tonight because the last thing I need is to get all stressed out trying to fit that in too.

This morning, I did the 30 minute version of Dawnelle's Yoga for Runners from YogaDownload. I absolutely loved the 60 minute version of this class so I was curious to try a shorter one. I'm not a runner, but I really enjoy this sequence. It includes many hip and hamstring openers, plus a few wicked Psoas lengtheners. The 30 minute version didn't feel 'cobbled together' from the longer class. In fact, it felt like a brand new class to me and flowed really well. Dawnelle fits a lot of asana into 30 minutes. I was sweating a bit near the end.

This is definitely a 5-star class. I can't wait to try the other durations. Like many of the YogaDownload classes, the 20 minute class is completely free! Go try it if you're curious.

I'm off to my guitar lesson next. I'm still struggling with this new fingerpicking pattern. There are the sanskaras that you try to avoid and then there are the ones that you try to acquire. It's taking a while for this one to carve itself into my brain (In my last lesson, Guitar Teacher noticed that I'm still 'thinking' about the pattern as I play it).

I'm finding that it's a bit like meditation - it goes easier if you practice daily. And (unlike meditation) maybe while watching the Amazing Race. ;-)

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