Thursday, October 29, 2009


Tired, so tired! I'm still troubleshooting my circadian rhythm.

For the past two nights, I've gone to bed early and fallen asleep right away (if I read a book for a few minutes after meditation, it seems to 'reset my brain' and I fall asleep easily). But after a full 8 hours of sleep, I'm *still* tired. Yesterday, I didn't give in to the napping urge, but I did today. I napped for an hour. My noon class cancelled so I have an entire blissful day to lounge about and read. I teach noon classes six days a week, so this is a rare treat (Though I'm inwardly groaning about the lost cash - I was planning to use it for my subway pass).

More sleep? Regular naps? I'm already using the LiteBook regularly so it's probably not S.A.D. I hope I'm not coming down with a bug. H1N1 is beginning to pop up around the city. A 13-year-old boy died from it last week. It's scary, though in a remote, vague sort of way. Right now, it's scary the same way SARS was scary - lots of media hysteria and people wearing masks on the subway, but I'm not affected directly. That could change. Vaccinations start next week. I'm definitely going to get mine if it's not a huge wait. I've heard rumours of line-ups for this shot.

My morning routine was completely mixed up and turned around because I was too sleepy to meditate when I woke up. Instead, I walked the dog in the dark. I felt like a bit of a interloper, wandering through the streets of my neighbourhood, watching the families at their breakfast tables (or watching cartoons on T.V. before school). It was kind of nice, comforting. Yoga didn't happen until 11:00. I did Lunar Flow #1, 20 minutes with Lisa (really, 24 minutes).

Nice and easy and low-stress. This sequence reminds me of the 'sit down' class I regularly teach to my Hatha students. There are literally *no* standing poses and only a few Downward Facing Dogs. The one thing I would add to this sequence is a Fish Pose after the Shoulderstand series(I think the counterpose is particularly important). It's easy enough to stop the recording and sneak one in.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the day. I don't need to be anywhere until 4:30. I have big plans for yummy lunch, reading, and lots of knitting.

Last night, one of my students gave me this:
I'm going to enjoy it with my tea!


Michelle said...

Maybe you have H1N1. I really think I had it. Tiredness and headache were my main complaints. Lasted about 4 to 5 days.

yogamama said...

I've been lurking on your site for a few days and I really like your writing style and your descriptions of your practice. I too am a yoga teacher and I love hearing about how other teachers roll. Thanks for your posts! Very cool indeed.

Kaivalya said...

If I had H1N1, I would have known it. My immune system isn't particularly iron-clad. I'm one of those 'high risk' people who can get seriously ill from the flu, which is why I'm so paranoid about the shot.

I have a theory - I think this weird sleepiness has to do with my sleep cycle and waking up to an alarm.

Kaivalya said...

Welcome and thank you! It's great to hear from another yoga teacher. :-) I don't work out of a traditional yoga studio and find it can be isolating being on my own. I really enjoy the interaction of the 'cybershala' and connecting with other teachers.