Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm going to call this morning's practice 'hatha' though I'm not really sure *what* that was. I did the 30 minute 'Goddess Yoga #1' from YogaDownload this morning. It was led by one of my less favourite instructors on the site, Natalie. I'm absolutely positive a demographic exists for this style of teaching. I'm not in that demographic.

What demographic am I? I guess I'm in the cynical, does-not-suffer-fools-gladly demographic.


I almost bailed after the first pose (Persephone Pose, Goddess of the Underworld, turn inward to your darkness - we were in Uttanasana. HUH?), but I stuck it out. At some point, I made a decision to silence my inner cynic and I actually started to enjoy the psychobabble a little bit.

I'm not entirely without a soft spot - the right teacher *can* ease me into a guided inward focus. But the Goddess thing totally wasn't doing it for me. This is the first YogaDownload class I've actually disliked. I did like some of the poses though and I was surprised by the number of 'intermediate' standing balances, given that this was billed as a 'beginner' class. Hm...

Anyway, it was an easy half-hour.

I'm having a difficult week. Specifically, I'm having a bad teaching week. All the yoga teachers out there will be nodding in sympathy. A crisis of confidence is never fun and negative self-criticism tends to build upon itself.

Now, indulge me while I wander out on a limb:

I'm the last person to credit the moon or the stars for variations in human behaviour, but I have to say this: People have been WEIRD this week, particularly early in the week. And the wee ones in my children's classes? They're nuts! They've been behaving badly, completely out of character. It was a full moon on Sunday! Coincidence?

At any rate, I'm glad it's waning. And I hope that Mercury does whatever Mercury does when it's *not* making people crazy, because sometimes I think people just look for an excuse!

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Michelle said...

And I was just wondering last night if you are into the Body/mind/spirit thing or just the body thing. Not to say you aren't spiritual, I was just thinking about your yoga practice. Now I know.
On another note, isn't it odd to find yourself thinking about someone you don't know and have never met?