Thursday, October 22, 2009


My practice today was Lunar Flow #1, 30 minutes with Lisa (20 minute class is free). I was looking forward to something a bit easier today because I'm teaching so much this week.

This was billed as a 'flow' class, but it's really just Hatha, definitely a beginner level, very nice and easy. I was delighted to *start* the class in Savasana (and finish in Savasana too!). Lots of forward bending and hip opening with slow, easy transitions.

The poses were very restorative. The only thing that keeps this sequence from being an ideal option for Lady's Holiday is the inclusion of shoulderstand. But Lisa offers Viparita Karani as an alternative for that section.

The Yogic Jury seems to still be out on the issue of Viparita and menstruation. Some teachers insist that as an inversion, it should be avoided. Others recommend it for easing menstrual symptoms. Here's my take: Keep the sacrum on the floor, don't elevate the hips onto a bolster or pillow (as seen here) and you're good to go!

Heading out to teach now - hope it doesn't rain on me! Meditation post tomorrow!

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