Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm drinking hot chai to revive myself. I've felt exhausted all morning. I felt sleepy during my asana practice and I was falling asleep during my meditation session. And yes, I'm getting plenty of sleep. I might be fighting off the edge of a teeny-tiny cold though. I've been taking ColdFX and using the neti pot twice a day to fight it off. My throat was scratchy yesterday, but fine today. Now I just have a sniffle.

Need to wake up. I have a long day ahead and four classes to teach!

I did something weird to my back and I'm going to blame it on hockey - I took a hard fall halfway through the second period (tripping, but the ref didn't call it). I'm pretty sure it's just muscular because I was fine on Tuesday (muscular aches usually show up 48 hours after the exertion). By late yesterday, I was very sore.

Lattisimus dorsi, maybe? My lower torso feels achy when I twist. I took an easy Hatha practice today, starting with 10 Surya Namaskar Classic and moving on to Gentle Hatha Flow #1, 20 minutes with Jackie.

This is a nice, easy-going practice and was exactly what I needed today. With the sun salutations, I practiced for 30 minutes (and warmed up a bit). I like the way Jackie keeps the body moving in this flow without introducing too much effort. Lots of hamstring work. This is one of the free classes on the site.

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