Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm absolutely wiped. Fun day, though!

I taught a great noon class, then biked to a friends. I hooped in the park for an hour, working on the waist-to-sky manoeuvre going clockwise (counter clockwise is my easy current - clockwise just feels *wrong*). I kept banging my right ear...ouch, ouch, ouch! At least I didn't hit myself in the face this time.

When I came back in, I discovered that the A string on my guitar was broken. I was seriously peeved and immediately googled “Why do guitar strings break?”, thinking that it was unusual or somehow defective. Nope, it's perfectly normal. In fact, some people change their strings every few months (I hadn't changed mine in 5 months).

So I rode my bike to the music store and bought new strings, then spent a half hour hunched over my guitar, changing them.

Then I jumped on the mat and did the full Primary. I skipped backbends. I wanted to be warmed up, but no overly exhausted. I biked downtown (like a banshee - I was running late) for a Hanumasana workshop. Ah yes, my forgiven-but-not-forgotten New Year's resolution of 2007 has come back to haunt me. I've definitely made progress in the pose over the years, but I'm not even close.

The workshop was okay. Not as much anatomy as I would have liked, but some of the prep poses were interesting. Notes to come. Someday soon. Maybe. After I take an epsom salt bath and sleep for three days, that is.

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Michelle said...

Oh, too funny. I am taking an Epsom salt bath tonight too, (although it is Saturday when I am reading this) but for a different reason. Gardening, and biking with my little love and my big love. Plus, I painted a few new garden bins my husband made for me. The wine on the deck was good consolation but the bath will feel oh so good in about 15 minutes or so. :)