Sunday, May 3, 2009


Okay, it's official: my neck is sore.

Also, and probably unrelated: my lower back was aching last night as I tried to sleep, but I'm going to blame that on the bed. It's too soft and saggy. At one point, I awoke to find myself sleeping in a variation of Pigeon pose, so I switched sides and went back to sleep!

I had vivid dreams of buying a huge loft-style living space with enough space to maintain a yoga studio. But the previous owner had left behind shelves upon shelves of knick knacks and junk: figurines, dishes, old washers and dryers and even a lawn mower. I was desperately trying to move these things out and also remove the layer of brand-new gray carpeting to reveal a wood floor beneath. My dream kept me busy and exhausted through the night.

Just before waking, I finally cleared the my dream loft space. I discovered that it had a wonderful wrap-around balcony looking out upon the city and rooftop gardens. And a real fire escape (it's silly, but I've always wanted one!) The afternoon light spread golden beams across the floor as I convened a group of students for a yoga class near the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Then I woke up with a crick in my neck. Oh yeah, my neck. Argh.

I did do the full Primary Series this morning, but very carefully. I gingerly tried Supta Konasana, and it actually felt fine, as did Shoulderstand. But I didn't stay long in Shoulderstand and didn't even attempt Urdhva Padmasana again. I replaced Matsyasana with a series of gentle neck stretches and opted out of Sirsasana entirely.

I don't want to push it. I think tomorrow will be a modified Hatha practice and if my neck is still sore after that, I'll do Hatha for the rest of the week.

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