Sunday, May 10, 2009


I go through phases. Sometimes, my practice is a thing to get through so I can do all fun things I really *want* to do. I also go through periods when my practice is a thing I put off for as long as possible, procrastinating by doing fascinating tasks like organising my finances, or cleaning the toilet. Then there are the times that my practice is a reward - I use it to entice myself through all the yucky stuff I have to do, just so I can unroll my mat and savour 90 minutes of Astanga.

Right now, I'm going through this latter phase. I absolutely LOVE my practice. It's the best part of the day. Today, I used my practice as a 'carrot' to get through some work that had to be done, phone calls that had to be made and a sink full of dishes. I put on my yoga clothes as soon as I woke up, but I didn't hit the mat to do my usual (at the moment, 'the usual' is full Primary) until about 1 p.m.

I did Sirsasana in the middle of the room (cue: applause). I didn't fall over. I was just as steady and stable as I was when with the wall a few inches away from my heels. In fact, I pretended that the wall was there. I even managed to do half-bend, though I didn't come back into full Sirsasana from half-bend before coming to the floor. Oh well. Baby steps.


alfia said...

Great job on Sirsasana. Isn't it an amazing feeling when we overcome our fears and do something different? (OK, now I have to go hoola-hooping to the park! :)

Michelle said...

I wish I was that dedicated to yoga. Every night when I lie down to sleep I say 'tomorrow I will unroll my mat' then another day passes.

Kaivalya said...

Let me know how it goes! Alarmingly, it's been too chilly here to hoop in the park over the last day or two.

You have the best of reasons for not being on the mat every day - you're a mother and you're doing the 'karma yoga' of raising a beautiful human being. I tell my students that it doesn't matter how much yoga they do, every pose counts. Even if you can unroll your mat and do just one pose today, you'll still benefit.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I will. Right now.