Monday, May 11, 2009


I was deeply exhausted last night and slept so soundly the I barely moved the entire night. I'm getting hit hard by allergies this year, but it's inconsistent. I was at the house on Saturday night and didn't sleep well because all of the sniffling and sneezing. I took an allergy pill before going to bed last night and seemed to be fine.

Today, I did the full Primary. I had a good, focused practice. My lower back is feeling a little bit cranky today. Before practice, I took a long walk on my own (without the dog) so I was already warmed up when I started.

Busy day ahead. This afternoon, I'm going to a guitar lesson for the first time in over a month. I haven't been going regularly because my teacher has been busy. After that, I'm headed to a party.

Goals for this week: I'd like to practice yoga in the mornings (easier to do when I'm going to bed early) and eat healthy (easier to do when I'm not eating out, which I'm not going to).

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