Monday, May 4, 2009


Upon waking this morning, my neck felt a bit stiff, but I had full mobility and no pain. I decided to wait it out. I went for a long walk in the morning, gave the dog her spring clip in the morning (she looks gorgeous, but is a bit peeved at me now), and had lunch. In the afternoon, I rode out to High Park to look at the pretty cherry blossoms. I spent a couple hours there, blissfully soaking up the sun, people watching and reading a book.

Then I came home to practice, full Primary Series, and my neck was fine. I'm still modifying 'everything-neck' (I supported my lower back in Urdhva Padmasana, did Matsyasana *gently*), but there was no pain and I had a really nice practice.

I was so clear-headed and focused afterward that I was able to plow through a whole pile of work before bedtime. Wish practice always had the affect on me!

I'm planning for a Full Primary tomorrow, then I'll do a shorter Hatha practice on Wednesday, as that's one of my heavy teaching days. I'll play it by ear on Thursday. I've only been back to my full practice for a week, so I'm still sorting out how I'll fit it into my current schedule. I want to take at least a day off of Astanga, maybe two, per week. I'm not sure if I'll bother with Moon Days.

I'm still doing my Yoga Streak, though, so it's yoga every day regardless.

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