Thursday, May 7, 2009


I had a very sub-par practice today. I was feeling lethargic and groggy in the morning and hoped that a practice would boost my energy levels. I stumbled through the poses of the Primary Series, actually coming out of one or two early because I was feeling so tired (Setu Bandhasana once again felt impossible. So much for that!). On the plus side, I was particularly focused today and deeply aware of my breathing.

Afterward, I felt worse instead of better. I didn't have the energy to go for a longer walk (opted for a shorter one) and I was too muggy-headed to get any work done in the afternoon. Later on in the day, this sense of mental fog and exhaustion manifested as a headache and I carried that into my afternoon classes. I didn't start to feel better until my very last class (three Tylenol later).

I'm feeling fine now (late evening), but wondering what has been causing the post-practice 'wooziness' I've been occasionally experiencing. I'm wondering if perhaps I need to eat something (easily digestible) before I step on the mat. My practice is sometimes postponed to mid-morning and I end up skipping breakfast. Also, I need to return to the 'optimal nutrition' part of CR and make sure I'm getting all of the nutrients I need. I'm think specifically of iron, protein and vitamin D.

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