Friday, May 22, 2009


These past few days have been really wonderful, for various reasons. Some involve money. A big cheque came from a client for a (non-yoga-related) contract I recently finished. This allowed me to repay a debt to a friend, which had been weighing heavily on my mind. I'm now completely debt-free again. It was a tough winter but I'm slowly rebuilding my financial health and I'm feeling more optimistic.

I was also able to pay off the balance on the guitar I put into layaway in the winter. I picked up the guitar this morning, spent some time cleaning and putting on new strings on in it and by evening, I was playing it. I'm so very happy and grateful that I took the leap-of-faith to buy this. It's every bit as wonderful as I remembered it being (the first time I played it, I was captivated by the amazing tone of the instrument). I'm now noticing other things about it, like the beautiful grain of the wood and the fact that it's slightly smaller than a full-size guitar, fitting me like a glove.

With all the excitement, practise was put on the back-burner and by the time I stepped on the mat, I was running late. I practised the sun salutations and standing poses, a brief but satisfyingly sweaty practice.

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