Thursday, May 21, 2009


In the morning, only an hour before I was scheduled to leave to teach my first class, I received a last-minute phone call informing me that all of my evening classes were cancelled. I spent a stressful hour sending out emails and phoning as many students as possible to let them know about the cancellation. I continued this flurry of activity in the afternoon between classes.

It was stressful. On the bright side, the free evening allowed me to do something special. I was able to attend a film festival that I'm not normally able to go to, due to my teaching schedule.

I had already planned to practise Hatha today. I treated myself to a playful practice of inversions and fun arm balances, after a warm up of sun salutations and standing poses. I spent a lot of time in handstand.

I'm working on coming up lightly and with control, using core strength rather than momentum. I accidentally stumbled upon a great 'prop' for practising these skills: socks! With socks on the feet, it's hard to get any traction with the floor. Instead, I need to use core and leg strength to lift the leg into the inversion.

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Michelle said...

Oh inversions! Yeah for you. Good idea with the socks!