Saturday, May 30, 2009


Technically speaking, I'm still on my Lady's but it's Day 3 and I'm feeling okay, plus I really, really missed doing my practice. And Saturdays are my favourite practice days: sleep in, go teach a morning yoga class, pick up a Death By Chocolate Cookie at the farmer's market, ride my bike home through the city and hit the mat (then a hot bath, chai tea and the cookie, plus a good book!).

I *loved* my yoga practice today. It's been weeks since I felt this open and focused. I did all of Primary but skipped closing and went straight to Savasana (can't do the inversions right now). Everything just clicked into place today like puzzle pieces. I felt bendy in all the right places, strong when it mattered, binding everything that was bindable. My back felt fine in Kurmasana and in Supta Kurmasana, I reached my hands back and easily grabbed my fingers. There was no effort involved, it was just *there*. I actually pondered for a moment what it might be like to grab my wrist.

I often wonder how much my monthly cycle and the hormonal changes that go along with it affect my flexibility and openness in poses. I definitely noticed a difference today in comparison to earlier in the week - it was stark. At times, I felt light and floaty.

In the interest of taking backbending more seriously, I want to document my Urdhva Dhanurasana regularly. I'm going to try to do this on Saturdays from now on. Here is today's photo:

This is a huge improvement from the photo I took just one week ago (May 23). I compared it to a backbend photo from last year and noticed that my arms are even straighter!

Lately, I've been doing some exercises to open up my chest and armpits. My favourite involves placing my palms on the upper door frame of my bathroom and hanging forward. I wonder how much two days of restorative yoga and hanging out over the bolster came into play here? I must be doing something right - I'm going to keep doing it!


Michelle said...

Any suggestions on what I can do to open my chest? My back is so tight, likely from all the bend over gardening I have been doing. I wake up EVERY stinking morning with a sore neck and soreness down my right shoulder blade. It is driving me nuts!!
And yes, I see the improvement in Bow pose. Good for you.

Michelle said...

I meant Upward Bow.