Monday, May 25, 2009


Oh, once again I had the best of intentions! My intention was to start getting up earlier and doing my practice in the morning again. But reality introduced a night of so-so sleep because of my allergies. Then I slept in and had tea (I'm off coffee again). Then I walked down to my favourite corner café for Banana Pancakes. So much for early, so much for healthy, and so much for morning yoga!

When I got home, I dressed and put on a light jacket with the intention of going for a long walk with the dog. Then I decided to water my plants.


That's when I realised that my spider plant was in very poor health and could benefit from new potting soil. I did the same for the aloe plant. Then it occurred to me that my poor long-suffering cactus (bought on sale at a southern Virginia supermarket in 1993) had never been repotted. It now has a new home. Then I figured I might as well repot the plant that my partner bought me last fall. I looked at the 'Tree' that lives on top of the fridge and wondered if it shouldn't have a pot of its own. So I repotted it. I repotted the remaining plants.

I spent an hour of serious dirt-under-the-fingernails time, repotting almost every single plant I own.

*end detour*

Then I finally went for a walk and yes, I did yoga. Full Primary today and my body felt even stiffer and gummier than it did yesterday, if that's possible. But my Lady's is coming up very soon, so that probably explains it.

Yesterday, I wandered around the city enjoying the annual 'Doors Open' festival. For two days, a number of buildings around the city open their doors to the public, for free. The best ones are the quirky, out-of-the-way places that don't get very much traffic.

My last stop of the day was at the Hare Krishna temple. I enjoyed the chanting and dancing. I left a few hours later, full of delicious vegetarian food and bedecked with a flower garland.

I put the flower garland on my Buddha.

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