Friday, May 8, 2009


Better practice today! I enjoyed a good night's sleep, ate a green apple upon waking and took the dog for a long walk. This seemed to be enough time to digest the food. By the time I unrolled my mat, I didn't feel full but I had sufficient energy for practice.

I breezed through the poses (Full Primary today), felt strong and steady. I was just a tad distracted and lacked the breath awareness I had established yesterday. On the plus side, I was aware of my distraction and kept bringing my attention back to the breath.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, so I took my hoop out to the park for a bit of hip-bruising fun (No matter how careful I am, I always seem to end up with these massive bruises on my pelvic heads).

By now, I've mastered all the tricks that I learned in the one hooping class I took over the winter. I can hoop pretty comfortably both counterclockwise (my natural direction) and clockwise (less comfortable for me). I'm thinking of searching around on YouTube to find some more tricks.

I get a lot of attention when I'm hooping. From kids ("Look at the grown-up hula hooping!") and adults ("Where can I get a hoop?"). I thought I would feel like a freak show, but people seem friendly and interested (or completely ignore me). It's so much fun! I'm looking forward to taking the hoop to the drum circles this summer. I have a feeling I'll pick up some neat tricks.

When I got tired of hooping, I did headstands in the grass, practising falling out of them in different ways. That's my big fear in headstand, falling. Even though I rarely, if ever, do. I thought that if I practised falling, I could condition myself not to fear the prospect of falling. I'm not really sure if it worked (I guess I'll find out next time I do the post on a hard floor).

It's silly, but I always set up my headstand near to a wall, just in case, even though I never use the wall. It's a mental game. I probably just need to suck up and do it in the middle of the room. I can. I should. Soon.


alfia said...

I have a hoop, too! Though I am too self-conscious to spin it outside. I do it at home sometimes, scaring both of my cats. It is fun!

Kaivalya said...

I was self-conscious in public at first too, but I've gotten far more positive attention than negative. Especially from women who want to do it too! It's fun to give impromptu hooping lessons in the park!

By the way, your 'cold' dropback is spectacular! *picks jaw up off the floor* Wish I could do that! :-)

alfia said...

I will try to conquer my fears and do it in public, too!

Thank you, Kai. I actually think my dropbacks/standing up are better cold, just because I am not quite as tired by the previous practice.