Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day 39

I hate it when I need to hurry my practice. I was running late this morning and also running on about three hours sleep (went out last night and stayed out late - rare for me). I managed to do most of the primary series (skipping what I needed to for my sore knees) and finished in an hour and fifteen minutes. I was late to the soup kitchen, but I'm glad I took the time for my yoga - I felt better for it.

My back has returned to its seemingly perpetual cranky state, which was disappointing, but I had a good Kurmasana. Lately, that pose has been causing me less angst and I've even *gasp* started to enjoy it a bit.

Marichyasana A and C have pretty much returned to their previous glory. Marichyasana C and D are not in my repertoire because my knees just can't take it.

I skipped headstand today completely by accident, but in retrospect, that's probably for the best. My neck was feeling very sore. I really need to focus on using my abs as I come up because I'm sure I'm putting strain on my neck.

It's a moon day today (as usual, I'm baaaaad and practised anyways). It's also Sri K. Pattabhi Jois's 92nd birthday. I reserve special admiration for anyone who has dedicated a lifetime to bringing yoga to the world. Happy Birthday!

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