Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 34

My Lady's Holiday hit me so hard this month. I felt sluggish and heavy in the days leading up and crampy and leaden during the course of it. Not pleasant. It seems to have a very minimal effect on my mood (though I do get a bit cranky and antisocial, and about a week before, I often become inexplicably paranoid) but the physical effects are very obvious to me - in yoga and in my day to day life. Last month, I took a day off. This month, I took two.

So tonight was my first practice in two days - the longest break I've taken since I started doing this daily. I was astounded at how difficult it felt at first. You would have thought I had never done Chaturanga Dandasana in my entire life! It got better, but it was a still low-key practice with many modified poses. I wasn't trying to be a rockstar - I just wanted to finish.

Some new issues have popped up. If my 'cranky low back' was a theme last month, this months theme may well be 'cranky knees' and 'cranky wrists.' The latter really surprised me, as I never seem to have a problem with my wrists. I wonder if this pain has anything to do with my medication? All the pain seems to be in my joints, which would make sense. My shoulder joints have been bothering me too.

As for my cranky back, it felt fine tonight and I did ALL THE BACKBENDS! This is an event! My back hasn't been this happy in two weeks!

I'm not used to practising in the evening (I would have done my practice earlier, but I had to, *cough cough* finish reading a BOOK) and I have to say, I rather enjoyed it! As it got darker out, I didn't bother turning on any lights and it the apartment felt cozy by the time Savasana came around. I finished my practice, got in bed and slept like a log!

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