Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Day 17

I haven't been getting up early for my practice/walks lately, at least for the last few days. Today, it was raining when I woke up, so there didn't seem to be a point. Also, I have been experiencing some mild joint pain from a medication I'm on and mornings are particularly difficult. I find my practice is much better if I schedule it later in the day.

Today wasn't a sweaty practice (I seem to sweat less and less, the longer I'm at this). It was coolish out, though. Once again, I worked on keeping my breath consistent. One thing I may try to do today is watch the DVD as an observer, without practising. I think I'm ready to start refining the practice and adding some of the finer transitions to my sun salutations (particularly in Surya Namaskara B).

I had a nice moment in Marichyasana A today. I was able to fully bind (grab my wrist, instead of just my fingers). I was also able to find a deeper bind in Marichyasana B, though not my wrist. Marichyasana C felt much better. I think I've come to a place of acceptance in that Mari and just work with my edge where I find it.

I've been doing Hanumasana in place of Marichyasana D. I'm finding that I'm coming deeper into Hanumasana, and also finding acceptance of my edge in that pose as well - a challenge for me with my tight hips and hamstrings.

My handstands were very strong today - I did three. On the third one, I came up so lightly that I didn't even come to the wall, but just floated in mid-air for an instant before the wall found my heels.

Headstand was incredible. No wall today at all. It was like the wall wasn't there. I'm starting to pretend that the wall isn't there. Soon, I may start moving further away from the wall.

It was a good day for meditation. I felt very serene and calm. The few times I felt agitated, I used a simple mantra to calm my mind.

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