Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day 27

New moon today and yes, I'm practising. I'm a baaaaaad ashtangi! Ironically, I realised the my first day of doing the primary series was actually a new moon day. I guess I started out on the wrong foot and I'm just continuing that way!

Lately, I haven't been sweating very much during my practice, even with the faithful application of ujayi breath. It's cooled down a lot here and last night, it was in the low 50s.

Usually, I open up the doors and windows in the morning and leave them open all day. This morning, I didn't. It was still warm and a bit stuffy inside when I got back from my morning walk. This strategy worked - I had more heat in my practice (don't worry - I did open up the windows after that).

I suppose in the winter, I'll need to heat up the room I practice in. A loaned my space heater to a friend - I'll try to get that back by the end of summer.

I was able to bind on the right side in Marichyasana D today, but not the left. My arm kept slipping off my leg. Sometimes the sweat makes me sticky and it's easier to bind, sometimes it's too slippery and I can't get a good grip. Oh well!

I had absolutely no core strength to speak of this morning - my could barely come up with bent knees in Sirsasana. I think I need to comb the forums for tips in building strength for this one. The only advice that BBB gives is that you shouldn't even be coming into the pose if you can't come up with straight legs (at least, that's the way Pattabhi Jois teaches it), but I can't embrace that because I love the pose so much...

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