Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 26

Last night, I did a short yoga practice before bed and woke up hours later, curled up happily on my Mysore rug, snuggling with a yoga brick. Yep, I fell asleep on my mat!

I slept in this morning because, clearly, I was wiped. So it was a mid-day practice for me today and to be honest, I didn't find it any easier or harder than a early morning practice. Perhaps I'm adjusting to this routine?

Some practice notes:

Parivritta Parsvakonasana: I continue to struggle with this pose. I can do the whole hands-in-namaste version with no problem. I'm working toward version with bottom hand flat on the floor. Trouble is, when I do the pose this way, it just feels wrong, like my body is collapsing. Today, I put my hand on a block and that felt a bit better, so I may work that way for awhile and see how I progress.

Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana: No more blocks, hallelujah! Not only that, but when I brought my fingertips to the floor, I was able to place my hand flat on the floor. All the issues I was having with balance just faded away and I folded forward even more deeply. It felt lovely!

Utthita Trikonasana: In Anusara, the bottom hand is placed on the floor to the outside of the front foot in this pose. In Ashtanga, proper form is to grab the front big toe. I find that the 'big toe grab' allows for more extension in the spine, while the 'hand to the floor' brings stability and a sense of lightness in the torso. So I'm torn. Today, I put my hand on the floor.

Bujangasana: I'm in a holding pattern in this pose. I can come into it, but I can't lower my forehead to the floor, so for now, I'm hanging out in the balance. In general, I’m finding that all my arm balances are becoming stronger. I was working on arm balances for my yoga-new-years-resolution last year, so it's nice to see continued progress this year on the foundation I built.

Supta Kurmasana: I never thought I would hear myself say this, but Supta K is feeling better! I came in deeper today than I ever have before.

The Marichyasana Diaries: I can easily bind wrist in A, B (Mari B is becoming my very favourite pose in the whole world!), bind to fingers in C. I bound to my fingers on the left side in D today. I seem to be switching back and forth between right and left sides in terms of binding in this pose, which is interesting. Could the day be that far when I can bind on both sides in Mari D? *crosses fingers*

Sirsasana: Today was a sad, sad day for my transverse abdominus. I could barely come into headstand with bent knees. Poo!

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