Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day 18

I was out doing a photo shoot in the morning, so didn't practice until the afternoon today. I didn't have a spectacular practice, but I did feel like I was in some kind of 'zone' today. I had a lot of bhavana - focus and awareness - in each pose and everything just seemed to flow very smoothly. I wasn't thinking about the pose I had just finished, or the pose I was going to do next; I was fully present in each pose and each moment. I really seemed to nail the whole practise-without-attachment thing.

And I grabbed my wrist in Marichyasana B!! This is a good sign that I'm going deeper in the Mari sequence. I could only do it on one side, but the other side is very nearly there too!

Oddly, headstand felt unstable and unsatisfying. I didn't even try to do a half-bend, just came down in to child's pose so I could pout.

It was a good day for backbends. I did held each instance of Urdhva Danurasana for five breaths.

Savasana was like floating.

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