Friday, July 27, 2007

Day 37

On Thursday, through a series of events completely serendipitous and unexpected, I found myself accepting a one-month contract at an office I worked at two years ago and I start today!

I've worked contracts past summers to fill the time that I'm not teaching (my classes always slow down in the summer, due to summer holidays and some pre-registered programmes only run in Fall/Winter/Spring) but this year I decided to take some time off to work on my practice and plan for the 'busy season.'

This opportunity literally came out of the blue but it is well-timed because I was going a bit stir-crazy at home. They offered me a flexible schedule to accommodate my teaching (I'm on a part-time teaching schedule at the moment) and the money is good - it will top up my emergency reserves.

It was so much fun going back and seeing everyone again! As I walked through the office, I was hugging people left and right - it was like a homecoming. The work itself is not that interesting. I thought it would be paralegal - it's actually data entry. But I'm fine with that - brainless is okay when you can listen to your iPod.

My practice was cut a bit short (1 hour, 15 minutes) this morning because I had to simultaneously do my laundry. My knee was bothering me a lot (I biked to my Thursday night class and I think I aggravated it), so I skipped many of the postures that are contraindicated for knee pain. I was using a towel rolled up in the knee pit to support the knee in the other postures. Ironically, when I played hockey on Wednesday, my left knee was bothering me (that's the knee that I always seem to have problems with), but for yoga, it's the right knee that's a problem.

I felt a bit rushed during my practice this morning, but next week, I'm going to start getting up a bit earlier so I have time to walk, practice, meditate and shower before biking to work for 8 a.m. (I elected to work the early schedule). The next month is going to be very busy for me with this contract and my classes!

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