Thursday, November 26, 2009


The past few days have been absolutely wild, gyrating between tearful-awake-all-night-consumed-with-worry to pure-WOOHOO!-elation. It's almost indescribable. My days are usually very serene, with the careful unfolding of a regular routine. No fuss, no excitement.

But this week? Let's do this in point format (because, frankly, my brain is fried):

- Monday: Princess Fur has been lethargic, hesitant to eat and she hasn't been playing much. I took her in to the vet for testing and walked out $500 poorer. Ouch. After everything else was ruled out, we agreed that she needed a dental cleaning.

I spent the rest of that day telling myself that I should just 'let go' of that $500. But it's hard. I had *just* started getting back on my feet financially.

- Tuesday: My vet phoned me with the quote for Princess Fur's dental cleaning: $1300. I shit my pants. I simply don't have this kind of money (I had only $400 saved for the procedure).

I spent much of that day tearing up every time I saw a Christmas tree because I was pretty sure I would have NOTHING but a huge debt for Christmas after this was all over. I stayed up all night surfing the Internet, hoping Google might save me.

Then my Lady's Holiday hit me with power cramps and a bad headache. Wacky hormones were magnifying everything. I felt like I was falling apart.

- Wednesday: My all-night research led me to another vet in the area. After a quick chat with the receptionist (I was a tiny bit hysterical), I decided to take a chance and bring my dog in for yet *another* examination.

This vet (a kind and compassionate older gentleman) spent a half-hour talking me off the ledge and reassuring me that my dog is actually very healthy. He went through the test results (faxed from the other vet) line by line by line. He gave me a quote for the dental cleaning: under $400!

Woozy from lack of sleep, I spent the rest of that day feeling like I was in the twilight zone: exhausted, relieved and a bit suspicious that I was actually living in another dimension.

Today: Things seemed like they were finally back to normal!

The dog is booked for a cleaning on Monday. I had a solid 8 hours of sleep. I did 30 minutes of restorative yoga this morning using Teacher H's CD, but modifying one of the poses into my newly beloved Supta Baddha Konasana using a bolster to add a slight backbend, totally blissing out. I noted that there's no twinge at all in my shoulder now. I'm hoping to get back to a more rigorous practice on Friday.

My Thursday noon class is fully booked, which is great news: I'll have enough cash for my monthly subway pass purchase.

As I'm finishing up my practice, the UPS guy phones. UPS? I wasn't expecting a delivery. The packages are from There's a small box and a bigger box.

I open the small one. It's a case of some sort. I'm puzzled. I open up the bigger one:

Yes, as a matter of fact, that *is* an Amazon Kindle.

I'm officially gobsmacked (to be continued...)


Jen Stevenson said...

What?! You can't leave us hanging like that!!!

Kaivalya said...

Well, at least I told you what was in the box! :-D

Michelle said...

Oh, very intriguing. Probably a gift from Beryl for mentioning her so often on your blog!

Kaivalya said...

No, I have a feeling Beryl has her hands full with her Huskies!