Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hi! I'm boring today. Boring, boring, boring! But that's okay. It's a Sunday and nobody reads this on Sunday (do you?)

And I haven't done yoga yet. But I will. I have Hip Opening Flow #2 (21 minutes with Lisa) queued up on my iTunes. Short and sweet for the laziest Sunday on record. I'm planning to hit the mat while the girlfriend watches a movie later.

She's at the grocery store right now and I'm enjoying the eerie silence of the house. I saw a cardinal outside the window this morning before I sat to meditate. It's gray, somber day out and it's getting darkish already at 3:30. I'm in a wintry mood.

I had big plans to do a solid Astanga practice this morning, but 'life's little dramas' got in the way. It's funny how my Astanga practice never seems to happen if I don't get up early to do it. I'm a creature of my routine; take away the routine and I flounder.

My excuse is sleep. I slept in because I was up late again last night. Then I took a long afternoon nap. To be honest, I'm *still* tired, but if I keep sleeping like this during the day, I won't sleep at night.

Goal for next week: return to a sane sleep schedule.

It's time for my regular weekly feature...

The Internet Asks

Some Sunday fun, pulled from the archives of my access stats. The Internet was not very inquisitive this week but there were a couple of interesting queries.

can you practice Ashtanga and Hatha at the same time?
Depends on what you mean by 'the same time'. I don't believe it's possible to do both styles in the same session because Astanga and Hatha each have a different pace and energy. But it's entirely possible to switch between styles and in a daily yoga practice, I think it's healthy to 'mix it up.'

ashtanga long hair
Uh, oh. Seane Corn strikes again!

Here's a little known fact: I used to have beautiful, thick, curly flowing long hair. Nearly to my waist! No joke! I cut it *very* short during yoga teacher training because it was interfering with my practice. I was sick of 'hair management' and yoga was more important to me. My friends were shocked and horrified and at least one person stopped speaking to me. People get riled up over the weirdest things! Hey, it's MY hair! (and it's back to being very short after this summer's longer hair experiment fell flat...literally).

31 flavours of shoulder openers + yoga
Ooooo! Kinda like Baskin Robbins, except it's pain instead of ice cream! YUMMY!


Michelle said...

Well, I for one, check your blog every day. Even today. Sunday. I know exactly what you mean by Wintry Mood. It is grey here today too. And I haven't done my practice today either. I think I'll go sit by the fire and knit instead. Much less disciplined that you are, aren't I?

Kaivalya said...

Well, not SO much less disciplined...I'm still sitting here, reading about Kindle. So far, I seem to have more fun reading *about* Kindle than using the thing. We are really limited here in Canada with what we can buy and how. Hm.

YogaforCynics said...

I happen to be reading this today, as well, but that's because my Sunday is being taken up with a whole lotta very, very dull work...done on my computer, which means I'm always merely a click or two away from the far greener and vastly more interesting pastures of the blogosphere. And believe me, compared to what I'm supposed to be doing, reading this post is pure rapture...

Boodiba said...

Well now that I've put you on my follow list & I saw there was an update...

I decided to take a break from the rather strange looking Eckhart and see what you were up to!!

I agree Astanga is hard on the hair btw. Mine's thin & it gets totally destroyed, but my laziness has won over vanity in the past couple years... so... no problem!

Kaivalya said...

I found the hair just got in the way. The more yoga I did, the less important hair got. I love the wash-and-wear aspect of shorter hair. I'm getting lazy in my old age, so this totally works for me! ;-)

Whoa, I don't even want to know what you're reading! Must be very hard to stay focused when the Wide World of Interesting Links is just an alt-tab away!

I finally practised yoga, btw. Now I'm making Banana Nut Muffins!

Arturo said...

hi Kai
is that Canadian flounder endangered? hehe. i have serious self motivation problems lately meself. can't wait until the cold is over and a good strong routine appears.

Kaivalya said...

Good health and a steady routine are helpful for a regular yoga practice. I feel so fortunate to have both at the moment!