Wednesday, November 11, 2009


That sound you're hearing emanating from Canada? It's the bagpipes. They're everywhere.

This morning, I turned on CBC Radio for Princess Fur, who likes to listen to the news as she dozes inside her Canine Condo. Bagpipes boomed out of the speaker. Walking to the subway? Bagpipes. Downtown? Bagpipes.

Then I remembered: It's Remembrance Day in Canada, our version of Veterans Day. And we celebrate with bagpipes (and poppies, and poetry and Lest We Forget).

Need to get a poppy, I guess.

Here we go. *ouch* Be careful! Don't poke the blog!

I did half-Primary today, as scheduled. It was a nice break, moving through a shorter practice. Half-way through the sun salutations, I stopped and snapped a few photos of my Downward Facing Dog.

This led to some experimentation with a wider stance and fussing around about 'sinking into the arm-pit chest', something Teacher M always warned me against, but I suspect that I do. Of course, just as in Navasana, the Yogic Jury is still out on whether sinking into the arm-pit chest is favourable, or to be avoided.

If I had time, I would do some research, but not today.

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