Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Way back in October, I submitted a short personal anecdote to YogaDork for the Bobby Clennell book give-away,:

As a teenager, I lived with my bachelor single father. My dad had a broad knowledge of many topics, but there were some that alluded him - like menstruation and the purchase of an appropriate bra.

That’s where Rita came in. She was our neighbour and quickly became my friend and confidant. Every teenage girl needs a mother figure to guide her and Rita steered me right. She helped me buy the bra, explained the ins and outs of my period and helped me pick out clothing (To this day, I’ve never managed to develop her finely honed fashion sense).

After we moved away, Rita and I kept in touch. A few years ago, she let me know she was thinking of me a lot. She had cancer and there wasn’t a lot of time. She passed away last year. I’ll never forget her kindness. She was my ‘port in the storm’ during a time of great transition. I was blessed to know her.

...and I won! The Woman's Yoga Book arrived last week and just in time for my Lady's Holiday. This is a medium-sized, well-made book with the thick quality paper that I love and full colour illustrations that are hand-drawn. I love the illustrations in this book - they're just beautiful and they inspire me to try the poses. A quick scan of the chapters made me want to curl up on my futon and start reading.

This will be an especially fun read, especially given that the intricacies of my monthly cycle absolutely fascinate me. I'm interested to see how it all relates to my yoga practice.

This morning, I propped the Clennell book open on a pillow and spent 45 minutes doing most of the sequences from Chapter 12, 'During Your Period: Effortless Practice'.

I haven't even read a word of this chapter yet, but I can tell you that the restorative poses were worth the price of admission! I felt so much better afterward. My nerves have definitely been frayed lately, so it was a relief to feel the return of calm.

This has renewed my enthusiam for Supta Baddha Konasana, an old favourite!

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