Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'm spending the weekend at the house and stayed here overnight. It's the first time in a long time that I practised in the front room. My poor, neglected old Maha mat got some love from me.

I did an early morning practice shortly after waking (though not *too* early since daylight savings time ended). I set up my computer nearby and ran the Power Yoga DVD for my practice (Beryl, Day #3). I don't really need to see the DVD, I just like to have 'company', the sound of a voice leading me through my practice.

This house is so cold! I never really warmed up (didn't break a sweat) and I found that some poses were not bindable, notably, Marichyasana D and there was no ankle-crossing in Supta Kurmasana.

I had a good practice though. Afterward, I chatted with my girlfriend for awhile, then came back down for a half-hour of meditation. When I'm here, I pretty much turn her front room into an ashram, with the mat, zafu, candles and meditation shawl.

The best part of the morning was receiving my Google Calendar agenda: “No events today”


I'm looking forward to a lazy day, lots of reading, a bit of knitting and a long walk in the park with the dog.

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Michelle said...

I LOVE your life. Quite the opposite of mine. Not that I don't love mine, of course, but your life is the opposite of mine. Have a great day.