Saturday, November 28, 2009


I'm SO tired. My sleep schedule is completely out of whack right now. This morning, I decided to get up at the regular time and meditate, even though I only had 5 hours of sleep. By the afternoon, I was dragging and needed a nap. I'm glad that I saved my yoga practice for later in the day because it's the only thing that managed to wake me up.

I did my own simple Hatha sequence, the one I give my students when they're trying to build a home practice. It starts out light, with forward bends, moves into the 'classic' version of sun salutations, a few standing poses and hip openers to wind down. I didn't get to the hip openers, but I did drink some tea.

And I'm feeling a bit better.

Goal for the weekend: normalize my sleep schedule. Amazing that one sleepless night could throw me off so completely!


annabella said...

Sometimes simple sequences are the best, aren't they?

Keep us posted on your kindle experience. I'm debating getting one. Is it hard or annoying to read? I feel like with a book, you can get so much more on a page...

How is Princess Fur?

Kaivalya said...

The Kindle is amazing but it's not nearly as much fun to own one in Canada - we're really limited by copyright restrictions.

But I've discovered the wonderful world of free books and I can still preview the first three chapters of any book that *is* available up here. We can surf Wikipedia, which is pretty cool!

Physically, it's *great* to read. It's exactly like a real book, easy to navigate and I love the search function. You can highlight, make notes, bookmark. If you reduce the type size, a lot fits on a page.

The Princess is going in to the vet tomorrow to have her teeth cleaned. She has NO idea what's in store for her, thus she's having a great day!

I wish I could live so thoroughly in the present moment!