Monday, November 16, 2009


It's an Astanga 'Moon Day' today, new moon, and according to the tradition, a non-practice day. I don't always pay attention to the Moon Days, but today, I was feeling heavy and lethargic, so I happily surrendered to another option: short vinyasa practice.

I did Lisa's Hip Opening Flow #2, 30 minutes. This class is not as heavily 'branded' with YogaDownload terminology and poses - it must be an 'early' one. Interesting, there was a definite 'Anusara' flavour to the class too, which surprised me. I didn't know Lisa had a background in Anusara. I certainly don't notice it in her later classes.

Nice class, though not my favourite. For a class targeting hips, it wasn't very hip. (Ha, ha? Okay, bad joke. *hangs head*) Maybe the longer versions include more and better hip openers. Seriously, adding a Pigeon pose doesn't cut it - there are so many other hip openers. I was hoping to learn something new.

Today was guitar lesson day. I trudged to my lesson with my tail between my legs because I was feeling like I had made absolutely *no* progress since my last lesson. In fact, I felt quite stuck. Guitar Teacher got me unstuck, which is a relief! It will be easier to practise now. I won't feel like I'm spinning my wheels.

I've been teaching her hand mudras. Last lesson, I showed her Vishnu Mudra and she's keen to learn others. This is a good excuse to bone up on my Mudras!

Tomorrow: Half-Primary *and* my H1N1 shot. I'm finally in a 'priority group' that qualifies, so I'm wasting no time.

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