Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Swine Shot update: I'm inoculated.

There was *no* line-up at all at the public health clinic last night. I was walked in, checked in, sat down, got my Swine Shot, spent 15 minutes in the waiting area until I was given clearance to leave (they make you wait 15 minutes, just to be sure you're gonna keel over).

Never one to waste time, I did my meditation as I waited. I was the weirdo in the back with her eyes closed and a blissed out expression. Not even the screams of terrified young children getting needle-poked could phase me.

I was loathe to do this right after my class, but It took all of 20 minutes and I still made it to bed an hour early. Today, the Swine Shot is being offered to everyone, not just the priority groups, so I'm glad squeezed it in.

Left Deltoid update: Ow-my-arm.

Seriously, it *hurts*. I've been getting the regular flu shot for years and my arm was always a bit sore the next day but nothing like this. I opted for a really easy Hatha/Iyengar practice this morning, using my old stand-by favourite, Patricia Walden Yoga for Beginners.

It's super-easy and a fun blast-from-the-past. I've mentioned before, I first started doing yoga with this video. I can still remember how horribly difficult it seemed 15 years ago. The holds seemed interminable (now, they seem short). I used to avoid doing Virabhadrasana II because of my 'weak knees'. In fact, my knees are just fine, (it was my brain that was weak).

I had a good practice, but I'm afraid even the small amount of arm-lifting in this practice was too much. My left shoulder/upper back ins now aching, in addition to my left arm. Maybe a protective contraction? Anyway, not good. I don't want a recurrence of that old shoulder injury. I'll need to be careful today as I'm teaching.

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