Friday, November 20, 2009


Is there such a thing as the Friday Blues? This is the second week in a row that I've felt 'off' on Friday. Last weekend wasn't very much fun, so maybe I'm flinching in anticipation?

Last night, I laid over the Acuball for 20 minutes, smeared some heat-rub on my left upper-back and left arm, then took muscle relaxants. That seemed to do the trick. I slept like a log and I felt a bit better in the morning.

The pain (a tight, cramping sensation) flares up on the inside edge of my left scapula when I turn my head to the left (more pronounced if I then drop my chin to my shoulder). Playing my guitar makes it worse. I didn't practise my guitar at all on Wednesday. Yesterday and today, I played and took breaks, trying not to tense my shoulder. Maybe this will break my bad habit of scrunching my left hand up when I'm trying to get the G-chord. Argh.

Anyway, I'm not taking any chances with this 'injury'. I'm doing Yin or Restorative yoga until my upper back is pain free. No Chaturanga for me. I'm in constant movement while teaching my classes, I don't need to stress my upper-back/shoulder any further with my own practice. I miss Astanga. I've been on a serious Astanga spree and life isn't the same without daily Beryl!

This morning, I practised with Teacher H's restorative yoga sequence, leaving out the part against a wall, since I no longer have a free wall to work against (the bookshelf works for Viparita Karani, though) The supported backbend was *wonderful* and I could really feel it working in my thoracic spine. I'll have to keep that one in mind for finessing my Urdhva Dhanurasana.

Teacher H was my main teacher for years and it was soothing to hear her voice. I looked up her schedule and she has one vinyasa class that doesn't directly coincide with my classes. I may stop by and visit, since the Jivamukti studio seems to be defunct.

After practice, I went back to the Acuball, then took a hot bath. I'm going to nap for an extended period this afternoon instead of working at the soup kitchen. More rest for my shoulder!

Also, I need the extra sleep because I'm going to a party tonight and I'll be out past my bedtime (I know, shocking, isn't it!?). My friend S is celebrating his birthday and he throws the *best* parties. He always invites a diverse group of really interesting, multi-faceted people; the movers-and-the-shakers, but the ones you really *want* to know. I'm shy in groups, but I always have a good time and end up in a good conversation; people aren't cliquey at these parties.


Michelle said...

Oh that party sounds fun. Hope your shoulder and neck feel better. I had that neck thick too and it is a... well, pain in the neck. Have a relaxing weekend if you can.

Cindy Fearon, RYT/LMT said...

Ouch! I've had the same thing happen to me. A good massage therapist can probably work that out for you!

annabella said...

The party does sound fun.

You're being so wise - sometimes the best thing to do is back off, and give the body a chance to heal. When I was doing ashtanga, teachers would always tell me to keep practicing through injuries, and sometimes I see the value in that, but not in a situation like the one you have.

I'm glad you're doing the restoratives - they sound yummy!

Kaivalya said...

I may seek out some message therapy if it doesn't sort itself out. Last time I had something like this, massage helped a bit, but rest was the best remedy.

I've heard that too and sometimes it does make sense to work through the injury. As I'm getting older though*gulp* I'm finding that I need to back off in order for injuries to heal properly.

Jen Stevenson said...

How do you feel about working through the beginnings of a cold/illness? Do you rest your body then? Just curious...

I sometimes feel that practicing even on days that I don't quite feel well boosts my immune system. The ujjayi breathing, sweating and build up of prana help ward off some of my illnesses. Maybe I just psych myself out. Who knows??

Kaivalya said...

It depends on the cold/illness. When I feel something coming on, I usually add some extra stuff to my neti pot and go on a three-day round of ColdFX. If my energy levels are good for it, I'll keep doing my practice.

I have this theory that heating the body can kill a cold (I'm not sure if this has any basis in fact, though). Back when I was a runner, I would go running to get my body heat up. Astanga does the same thing.