Friday, November 13, 2009


I'm feeling completely lazy and unmotivated to accomplish anything today. I slept in an extra hour, did my morning meditation and walked the dog. But I couldn't seem to coax myself to the mat all morning. I made a phone call, fussed around the apartment, played around on the computer, finally settled down to 45 minutes of vinyasa yoga.

I warmed up with a few sun salutations, then did an audio class, Power Vinyasa Flow #4 with Dawnelle. This wasn't my favourite Dawnelle class. I found the sequencing a bit awkward. I'm hoping this is due to the shorter class format and the longer versions have a more natural flow.

This class was challenging! The level is accurately listed as 'advanced intermediate'. I'm hoping that the 'new' YogaDownload will include some true 'advanced' vinyasa classes. I love the way these classes help me build strength and flexibility in areas that Astanga doesn't always target.

There were two sections near the end of this class that had me begging for mercy. In one, a long hold in high plank was followed by side plank with top leg lifted (full disclosure: I bailed). The other started in a high lunge ('crescent lunge'), followed by a Parivritta Parsvakonasana variation (with bind), followed by a Virabhadrasana III variation back to high lunge (and onward into other poses).

If nothing else, the challenge of those sections will bring me back for another go at this one.

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