Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today was a big holiday here with a stat holiday for most, lots of barbeques and fireworks. The dog spent much of the day hiding in the closet, shaking like a leaf.

 I worked in the morning, napped in the afternoon and went out for really fabulous Indian food in the evening. I didn't go to any fireworks this year. The big displays were all cancelled due to the city strike.

Practice got pushed off into the evening. I had a terrible headache so I opted for a gentle Hatha practice with no sun salutations and no standing forward bends.

My horrible cold is finally fading. I'm hoping I'll be back to full strength by the weekend.


patrick said...

Here's to full strength returning!

I did an Intermediate ashtanga practice on Monday from which my quads are STILL sore. Gotta look out for full strength returning, too!

Michelle said...

I hope you get better soon too. M

Kaivalya said...

@Patrick: I'm looking forward to seeing how your Intermediate progresses. I'm going to be moving into it in the fall, probably.

@Michelle: Thanks! :-)