Friday, July 3, 2009


I came home from work with a headache that was not a migraine, but certainly migraine-like. I felt wretched. It was so painful that all I could do was lay down with a cold cloth over my eyes and wait for the pain killers to kick in. When they finally did, I climbed into bed and slept like the dead for three hours. No one can accuse me of not getting enough sleep these days. Sleeping is my new hobby.

Even when napping, I dream vividly. Today, I dreamt that I could suddenly, magically and without any effort at all come into Kapotanasana and take my heels (I can't. I know. I've tried it.). I was so excited about this that I asked someone (in my dream) to use a camera to film my Kapotanasana because I couldn't believe I was actually doing it. Then I woke up.

Today, I didn't even make a pretense that I was going to do Astanga. I just unrolled my mat and settled in for an hour of Yin Yoga. I tried the Yin Liver sequence on the Sarah Power's Insight Yoga DVD. I *love* it. It's much gentler than the Yin Kidney sequence, which has backbends that go on for an eternity. Yin Liver focuses on hip openers and forward bends. These are things I like, so I was a happy camper with my blocks and bolster, a pot of hot tea, a cozy blanket and an eye pillow for Savasana. It felt like a yoga vacation.

I like Yin Yoga when I'm doing it, but when I finish, it feels like I didn't do anything at all. I miss that sweaty, blissed out glow that I get from Astanga. Must be the endorphins.

It's been a while since I offered a 70s Yoga Glamour Shot. I accidentally scanned this upside down, but I like the way that Lyn Marshall looks like Super Woman in her red unitard. All she needs is a cape.

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Arturo said...

super woman, now creative. hehe.