Thursday, July 30, 2009


Feeling better today! Today was the last day of my 'morning job'. I've been working there since late June and though it feels like a long time, it was only a little more than a month. I'm glad to be moving on, but I will miss the perpetual half-days that allowed me to do fun stuff in the afternoon. That is, unless I can't *find* another temp job, then I'll be a lady of leisure for the entire month of August - let's keep our fingers cross this doesn't happen, okay?

I was surprised when I became a bit teary-eyed saying my good-byes. I don't always feel this way when I'm leaving a job (in fact, most of the time, I turn cartwheels on the way out the door). To be honest, I had very little in common with most of these people (aside from the donuts). But, they are fine, fine people - something I don't always say that about people I meet in my temp jobs. I was sad to say goodbye because I know that it's unlikely our paths will ever cross again. There is one person I'll keep in touch with, but only because we're both on


It's been a bit of a whirlwind week because I've had a subway pass for most of it. A friend left town and offered to give me her pass. I usually only buy these in the winter, so it was a treat to have the run of the city, by subway.

I've been keeping busy running errands and going to The Very Big Park. The VBP is in the other end of the city, reasonable biking distance but I can't take the dog with me on the bike and that's the whole reason for going: off-leash dog trails. We went on Tuesday and the dog was so exhausted afterward that she slept the entire way home.

Since I was teaching an evening class in the area, I decided to pack my mat and a snack to spend the afternoon there. I had a great time. Did lots of walking and unrolled my mat on a stretch of grass next to the goose pond. Only got one mosquito bite, which is pretty good considering I was next to a body of standing water.

Pretty spot:

For my practice, I did the 45-minute Detox Yoga #1 with Lisa from I chose the 45-minute sequence (to avoid inversions) and I added some restorative and a long Savasana to the end. I really enjoyed this class. It's a warrior-based vinyasa flow with some fun variations and lots of advanced options (which I mainly ignored, since I was trying to take it easy). I have to admit, I'm really starting to enjoy these Yogadownload classes. It's nice to do something different.

My only complaint is that it's sometimes difficult to figure out which pose is coming up. All of the poses are in English and to be honest, I'm more familiar with the Sanskrit. Yogadownload seems to have their own unique terminology too (Oh hai Crescent Lunge). There are cheat-sheets, but that doesn't help much when I'm in them middle of a park plugged into my iPod Shuffle (which, by the way, ROCKS - this is the first time I've used it in more than a year, but it's perfect for outdoor yoga!).

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