Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I went to the bookstore earlier this week, intending to buy nothing and walked out with a bag in hand. This is an 'event' in my world, since I rarely buy books. After years of book addiction, I've channelled my love for bound paper into an enthusiasm for the public library, encouraged by the city library's fabulous collection and exquisitely functional online catologue/hold/request system.

But as soon as I saw this book, I *wanted* it and I've been enamoured with it for days. I've been engrossed. Obsessively. In fact, I've started referring to my new book as 'Yoga P- - n'. (fill in the blanks - there's an 'o' and an 'r' in there. I'm not about to type it out in a searchable medium). My partner snorted with laughter when she heard this designation, but agreed that it's accurate. This is one kick-ass yoga picture book.

I was never willing to shell out the bucks for the 'coffee table' size book, but this is a tiny paperback edition. I can carry it around with me (and do!). I love the gorgeous depiction of yoga postures, especially the ones I can only dream of doing. I love that a few of my 'yoga heros' are among the models. Looking through this book is instant inspiration on days that I don't feel like I want to practice. It was a good investment.

Today, I definitely wanted to practice. It just didn't happen in the morning because of my new early schedule and I slept late. But I unrolled my mat as soon as I got home. First half of my practice was fabulous, but right after the standing poses, I started feeling a bit dizzy and off-balance.

The headache waited until I was well into the seated poses. I took a couple of pain killers after Garba Pindasana and pressed on. Back bends felt good. I forced myself to do headstand in the middle of the room, even though it felt impossible (it wasn't). By the time I finished closing, I was feeling a bit better and a long, hot bath afterward sealed the deal.

I've put on a few pounds in the past few weeks because of my new, near-daily donut habit. The donuts appear as if by magic in the mornings and I have a really hard time just saying 'no'. Today, I said 'no' and instead ate half an apple at a small yoghurt for my snack. I don't know if I'll have the self control tomorrow but I'm going to try. If 'you are what you eat', I'm becoming 'round' ;-)


alfia said...

I have this book! Love it. Sometimes I flip it open randomly and take a pose there for a "peak" pose of my vinyasa class. :)

Donuts are bad...

Kaivalya said...

@Alfia: Donuts are VERY bad. And they're most definitely NOT CR ;-)