Saturday, July 11, 2009


I needed a day exactly like today.

I had plans, big plans that involved a road trip with friends outside the city. This would have seen me awake at dawn struggling with public transit, on the road for much of the day, hiking, then rolling back into the city late at night. I already had a long day on Thursday and Friday was busy. By Friday night, nothing sounded less appealing to me than a long road trip and I was secretly dreading it.

Luckily, I was saved by the weather! Massive thunder storms were forecast for the day. They moved in early the next morning and I had a nice lie-in (late!), followed by a yummy brunch, followed by a nap, followed by a good book, and I spent lots of time on my computer.

I didn't get out of my pyjamas all day. It was absolutely lovely!

Practice was a pre-bedtime affair. I did the sun salutations, 5 A's and 3 B's, still in my pyjamas. I took it easy. I did a few simple standing poses, lingered in Yin pigeon and took a long, long Savasana.

I'm feeling rested and calm and ready to sleep, and ready to resume a more active practice tomorrow.

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