Thursday, July 2, 2009


I was full of god intentions and maybe a bit on autopilot. I unrolled my mat, laid out my Mysore rug and set everything up. I put the kettle on for tea (I love to drink green tea as I practice), put on my yoga garb. I was all ready to go, literally standing on the mat when the dog walked to the door resolutely. She needed to go out.

So I pulled on some jeans and a t-shirt and took her to the park. While we were walking around, I was overcome by a wave of exhaustion so profound, I could have napped on a park bench. I found my second wind and walked home, but I knew that I wouldn't be practising. Instead, I sank into the couch and fell fast asleep, slept deeply until it was time to peel myself off the couch and ride out to teach my next class.

Bottom line, I'm still sick as a dog and it's beginning to really piss me off. I think I'm a *little* bit better, but my head still feels like it will explode every time I do a forward bend, which eliminates much of the Primary Series. I did a brief hatha practice tonight and modified all the forward bends. I'm planning on Yin Yoga tomorrow and I'll see how I feel on Saturday. Until this head cold passes, I'm going to go easy on myself.

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Arturo said...

hi Kai
oo, sorry you're not feeling well. lesser things than a dog needing to go out have derailed my practice, so in your case not feeling so good is a perfect reason to just plop down in the couch and sleep.