Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 190

Baddha Konasana

It's official: I have the 'winter blues'.

The first clue was the irregularity in my sleep schedule. I'm either exhausted or I can't sleep at all. I've also been falling behind on my work and procrastinating over things I need to do. My energy levels have been lower than usual and I frequently don't 'feel like doing anything.' (I rarely find myself bored or at loose ends, but it's happened a few times this week).

February is often a difficult month for me, but this one in particular has been rough. We've had the usual cold weather, though nothing out of the ordinary. But the endless grey days and frequent snow storms are starting to wear on me. There are huge mounds of snow everywhere, the sidewalks are almost impassible in spots. The thought of going anywhere in the city is just overwhelming sometimes. We just dug out from our last storm (two storms, actually, back-to-back), only to find out that there's another one headed our way on Sunday.

For me, the cure for winter blues involves activity, movement and light therapy. Forcing myself to keep moving even when I don't feel like it is key. The dog has been missing her daily long walks as of late, so I took her for two long sojourns yesterday. I skated for almost an hour and worked on projects around the apartment during the day. I own a LiteBook (for light therapy) and plan to start using it daily again.

Practice this morning was sluggish and uninspired (though the handstands were better). I twisted my right knee slightly last night while demoing Parsvakonasana and it was a bit sore this morning. My shoulder is still occasionally sore, but feeling better. I went skating after my practice, taught a couple of classes in the morning and took the dog for another long walk when I got home in the afternoon.

I think I recognize that glowing orb in the sky...could it be the sun? ;-)

I would love to say that I'm feeling better, but I'm not. I feel leaden and tired (I could go to sleep right now, but I'm determined not too). I have one more class today, then I can come home to a yummy supper and perhaps some reading before an early sleep.

Seriously, spring cannot come soon enough. I'm ready for balmy breezes, colour, green grass underfoot and long walks until blue skies with the sun on my face. *whimper*


Yogamum said...

I really hear you on this one! Luckily we get lots of sunshine even in the winter here, but I am feeling SO sluggish and tired. I just want to melt into the couch!

Michelle said...

And here in Saskatchewan, we had a brilliant wonderful day. 0 degrees celcius. We made a snow horse for Athena to ride. Loads of fun.