Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 183

Today is the official half-way mark for the Reluctant Ashtangi. I began doing this practice near-daily last June and I only have 182 more practices to go to reach my goal of 365 days of the Primary Series!

I woke up early and lazed around in bed like a huge lump for a half-hour before finally getting up and sweeping the floors, then hitting the mat. I had a great practice - even though I started a half-hour late, I finished on time because it took me just over an hour to complete the Primary Series. On these days that I'm able to maintain a deep, one-pointed focus on breath, I really move through those postures. It's rate, but it happens (and it's been happening more and more lately).

Musical Sirsasana was Avril Lavigne, 'Slipped Away' (3 minutes, 35 seconds).

Tonight is Finals Night at ice hockey. My team is second-to-last, so we're playing the consolation game at 9:30 (another late game - yuck!). I'm going to party with my friends at the pub early, before the game. My official plan is to drink coffee and eat only a few slices of my pizza because I don't like to skate on too full of a stomach.

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Michelle said...

Yeah! Half-way through. Perhaps you could create a post about how this has changed you, (body, mind and spirit). That would be interesting to read.