Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 200

I'm not sure which is worse: a exhausted, deadening yoga practice or an energetically charged, but emotionally raw yoga practice. Seems like my mat has become a land of extremes lately.

At least I'm well-rested. I skipped out on the soup kitchen this morning and slept in, logging a blissful 10 hours of sleep. I know I needed it, because when I lay down to nap yesterday, I was asleep within seconds. So I slept and slept and woke and then proceeded to tackle the long to-do list that has been languishing because I haven't had the energy to even peruse it.

I even had the energy to run some errands and picked up a package at Canada Post (Girl Scout Cookies from the States! Yay!).

Practice didn't happen until the afternoon and though it was a strong practice and my body was open, I was feeling oversensitive. My Handstand Mad Skillz all but disappeared and when it wasn't happening for me (like so, so many things in my life right now), I fell apart: I curled up in child's pose and sobbed. Then I tried again. Cried some more. Tried again. Whispered “I can't!” But floated up into two perfect, beautiful handstands (I even held the last one for several seconds).

The tears came and went for the rest of the practice, almost as if they were part of the whole sequence. I've never felt so vulnerable doing backbends, but I did three of them all the same. So much drama!

Now, showered up and eating a kale salad, I'm focusing on bringing my 'best self' to the two classes I teach tonight. My 'best self' spends so much time in classes, teaching yoga, I sometimes wonder if she's asleep the rest of the time. I'd like to spend some quality time with her this weekend.

Tomorrow: More bitter cold, 5-10 centimetres of snow, two more classes.

P.S. Day 200!!! A milestone!


Michelle said...

Whoohoo! Good girl. Day 200. Kale salad for supper? Put some meat on your bones woman. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats for making it this far !

Kaivalya said...

Thanks everyone. These little milestones are fun!